Meet Mya (a.k.a ?), a 4 year-old Australian Cattle Dog rescue who loves running, hiking, frisbees, balls, sticks, cat toys; anything that can be thrown: “I lOVE TO FETCH!”. I first met Mya at an ACD rescue in CT. I’d brought a frisbee with me, hoping to find a pup interested in a lil game of toss. Well, I quickly learned that Mya was interested in much, much more then just a “lil” game of toss: This was the dog for me. I knew she’d be game for all the adventures I dreamt of doing. From completing Vermont’s Long Trail in 2013 to climbing all New Hampshire’s 4000 footers and now the AT! I couldn’t ask for a better dog to share it with.

Meet Su (a.k.a Clover?), I fell in love with the forest’s trillium as a young girl, so my grandmother gave me my own flower seeds to grow… And not much has changed. I’m a healer by trade and an adventurer at heart. My first views were from the top of Japanese Alps. I fell for cycling in PDX. I’ve worked on farms in Italy, Ireland, Japan, Hawaii, VT, and MA. And every year, I grow a patch of nasturtium for my grandmother and spend as much time in the woods as I can….now with the best companions a girl could ask for…

Meet Mike (a.k.a M&M for now), Lover of all things tree and forest related, eater of veggies, walker-upper of mountains, thrower of frisbees, sticks and balls, and last, but not least designer of all things graphic and web. Mya and I have been hiking together since Mya was just a pup. Completing our thru hike of Vermont’s Long Trail in 2013, section hiking over 400 miles of New England’s AT and peak bagging all of New Hampshire’s 4000 Footers. A man, his best friend and the trail, we’ve had some amazing adventures and stories; and now on to the next chapter: new adventures, new stories and a new team!


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  1. Heather, Bruce, Chase & Avery

    Love the website. We can’t wait to follow your progress and wish you all the best on your hike!! XOXO

  2. We’re at about the half way point on your big adventure. Let us know if we can be of any assistance. Enjoy!

    • I’m sure a shower and warm bed would be of assistance. Can’t wait to stop in. Thanks so much. Be sure to follow along!!

  3. Sonenvious of your adventure. What do you need to be sent to help out?

  4. Hate auto correct

  5. Met you guys on the trail today (4/12). We’re the couple from PA that were out day hiking. Looking forward to monitoring your progress, and hopefully meeting you when you come thru the Boiling Springs, PA area.

    • Hey guys we totally remember you! It was our only sunny day in the smokies. Hehe. That’s wonderful of you to offer, hope to see you in boiling springs. Keep track and let us know when we’re close!!!

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