Amicalola Falls to Hiawassee, GA: mile 0-69.6

The archway at the start of the Amicalola Falls approach trial

Hey all, sorry for the delay; it turns out AT&T doesn’t want Georgia mountain folk to communicate. It’s been tough getting enough signal to post.  But alas we’re back in civilization (Hiawassee, GA) for a night of relaxing, eating and showering!  

Then it’s back on the trail tomorrow. 

In the mean time here are some photos we’ve taken so far…hope you enjoy!!

The Falls and the notorious 425 steps to the top

Springer Mt, the offical start of the AT

night 2&3 dropped into the 20’s…brrrr

Trail magic! found these carvings at Gooch Gap before being fed dinner and breakfast from kind TN souls

The view from Blood Mountian


The tree of lost soles at Neels Gap


Cowrock moutain


another beautiful day on the trail


Mya times

Stay tuned for more updates as we head north. 

For those kind souls who may be interested…our next stop for mail will be in Hot Springs, NC. If you’d like to send us treats please address it as follows:

Mike Risano
C/O general delivery
HOT SPRINGS, NC 28743-9231

Hold for AT hiker

Thanks!! Happy Trails!!

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  1. jane de Groot

    Cool!keep in much fun to see photos and get updates. Still cold here but snow is melted!

  2. Mike, great photos. You guys look great together. We got a chance to touch base with your mom and dad in Leland after they dropped you off. Envious of your great adventure.

  3. anything special we can send?

  4. Love the picture of you using your dog as a pillow…. looks comfy!

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