Scooby snacks for 8 paws!

Everyone’s been asking what they can send us and what we need to make our hike better. You’re all so great! So here’s a list to make it easier. Please keep in mind that Su has to carry everything you send, so please know that we never carry more than 3-5 days worth of stuff. 

  • Probars: almond  crunch, peanut butter, all of them really except Su doesn’t like the berry ones, ClifBars:  macadamia, peanut butter, white chocolate, peanut butter chocolate, black cherry, Kind bars, granola bars…
  • Honey Stinger products:  wafers, energy shots, gels and/or energy chews
  • Drinks mixes: Emergen-C, Nuun tabs, Vitamin Water drops, Propel powder
  • Chocolate covered anything: specifically dark chocolate almonds, espresso beans, pretzels, etc.
  • Peanut butter anything: crackers, cookies, Newmans Own Peanut Butter Oreos (if you can find them), etc.
  • Freeze dried fruit, beans, etc.
  • Or any other vegan and/or organic snacks
  • Mya treats: any high protein, healthy dog treats. (We found some great freeze dried cod, for example)
  • And last but not least,home baked items would be graciously accepted as long as we know who they’re coming from. If you send too much our trail buddies will thank you. 

That’s all we can think of from our cozy tent 2 miles shy of the NC border, with bellies full of Ramen and cherry pastries from town!

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  1. Would love to send something to you guys! How do I know where you’ll be when??

    • Hey Caitlin that’s awesome if you look at the end of our “Amicalola falls” post you’ll see the location of our next mail pickup. Thanks

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