Ahhhh Gear, Sweet Gear!

So what will the 8 Paws be carrying with them on their adventure you may wonder. Well we’ve been working hard to get all of our gear ready for the trail. Luckily most of it is stuff we already have and use. Some is new, some yet to be purchased, and we are pleased with our choices and looking forward to our final base weight (everything we’re carrying minus food and water) being under 12 lbs each. For a complete detailed list of our gear see the Gear Lists pages. Enjoy!

Our home away from home:

Tarptent Stratospire 2, not the lightest option around, but the comforts make up for the extra ounce’s. It’s a roomy, double walled tent, that is set up using two trekking poles.

The packs:

gorilla-pack-front copy

Sleeping gear:

Sleeping Bags:We’ll both be using the Western Mountaineering Summerlite bags, so we will be able to zip them together on those really could nights ;0) Mya will also have a jacket, booties and a pad to keep her warm!


DAYOR copy
Sleeping pads: We’ll both be using Therm-a-rest Prolite pads and Mya will be using a Gossamer Gear Thinlite pad.

Cooking Gear:

DIY cook kit
We will each be carrying a DIY style cook kit that weight’s around 4 oz’s. It is made up of one of Mike’s homemade alcohol stove’s, a DIY windscreen, a Snow Peak ultralight titanium bowl, a DIY cozy for the bowl to keep our food warm, a Ti Spork and we will be sharing some other kitchen items such as a pot griper, pot scraper, and a 10oz bottle of alcohol fuel for cooking.

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