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Vermont: 1596.7 – 1746.5


Vermont! Once upon a time, Benton McKay stood atop the Stratton Mtn fire tower and envisioned a long distance footpath through the wilderness. The Long Trail through VT resulted (which M&M completed in 2013). The LT begat the Appalachian Trail, and the trails share 105 miles until the AT hooks a right after Killington and heads into New Hampshire while the LT heads north to Canada. 

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Harpers Ferry, WV to Delaware Water Gap, PA: 1023.4-1293.4

As I (clover/su) write this, it is a cool, rainy 4th of July day in Delaware Water Gap, PA.  I’m in the tent, Mya asleep beside me, as the raindrops fall.  I get to puppy sit and write while M&M/Mike is off doing laundry (& bowling!) with Laces, Forever, Click, Blade, Gelati, CheeseBeard and Pie — no one wanted to go out and get wet today…we all need a break. Continue Reading →


Ahhhh Gear, Sweet Gear!

So what will the 8 Paws be carrying with them on their adventure you may wonder. Well we’ve been working hard to get all of our gear ready for the trail. Luckily most of it is stuff we already have and use. Some is new, some yet to be purchased, and we are pleased with our choices and looking forward to our final base weight (everything we’re carrying minus food and water) being under 12 lbs each. For a complete detailed list of our gear see the Gear Lists pages. Enjoy!

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