Franklin, NC to Hot Springs, NC: 109.8-274.4

 As we write this, a beautiful sunny 70 degree day is beginning in Hot Springs, NC.

 Town Days are called ‘zero days’ because we hike zero miles.  It’s time to launder, bathe, eat as many veggies as possible, rest, buy necessary food/supplies, and update.  Franklin, NC was our last Zero before Hot Springs: 2 weeks ago.  This one is a welcome reprieve from a very wet cold week in the Smoky Mtns.  We had one beautiful day as we ascended some 4000′ feet into the Smokies from Fontana Dam. We were way up above Springtime, so when the rains came for days 2-5, it was cold.  The highest peek of the AT is Clingmans Dome, at around 6600′ feet: we’ll have to come back someday to see the view. All was whirling cloud.   The weather finally broke as we started to descend and we got some epic atmospheric views. As we descended further into warmth and now sun, we met other creatures equally happy: namely two rattlesnakes (in one day!).  That was a bit too much excitement…  They say if you’re still smiling at the end of the Smokies, you’re doing great; and we are.  The days are blurring, and it feels better to be in the woods than on the asphalt.   Our one month trail anniversary is in two days. Our next mail drop will be in Elk Park, NC for anyone interested:  
Mike Risano c/o mountain harbor b&b 9151 Hwy 19E Roan Mountain, TN 37687


Sunsets from tents!


Finally in the Smokies. Crossed over Fontana Dam and entered the Smokies on a beautiful sunny day. Little did we know the rain was coming. 


The photo doesn’t do justice to the beautiful blooming wild flowers blanketing the forest.


Su found her new home!


Some wet trail mornings!


Well they don’t call them the Sunnies!


Sun! Finally! Thanks Smokies for at least 1 more sunny day!


2 rattlesnakes in one day!


taking a day off in Hot Springs! Thanks for the goodies mom!


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  1. Crystal Holden

    I’m glad to see you all are still Northbound!! I’m enjoying all the pictures!! Enjoy yourselves.

  2. Love seeing your progress, seeing the beauty and the beasts. Thanks! Sending loads of love!

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