Harpers Ferry, WV to Delaware Water Gap, PA: 1023.4-1293.4

As I (clover/su) write this, it is a cool, rainy 4th of July day in Delaware Water Gap, PA.  I’m in the tent, Mya asleep beside me, as the raindrops fall.  I get to puppy sit and write while M&M/Mike is off doing laundry (& bowling!) with Laces, Forever, Click, Blade, Gelati, CheeseBeard and Pie — no one wanted to go out and get wet today…we all need a break.

We left Harpers Ferry, WV about two weeks ago.  Within 40-ish miles, we went from VA to WV to MD to PA.  Some do the “4 state challenge” in one day, but we opted to take our time and check out all the historic Civil War markers, monuments, and battlefield sites through MD.  

Enter Pennsylvania.  200 miles. State #7 out of 14.  What a bipolar state.  Beautiful flat farm fields and a hiker festival greeted us.  We passed the half-way mark of our hike (the trail changes every year, mostly due to re-routes. Therefore the halfway point changes, so there are both official and unofficial markers).   The first half of the AT took us 88 days to complete.  

We went to the AT museum in Boiling Springs, PA and I may’ve gotten a bit teary-eyed looking around at the photographs and artifacts.  Ever since Earl Schaffer first thru-hiked in the 1940’s to “walk off the war”  — there has been an ever increasing cadre of “Us”….the people who, for some godforsaken reason need to walk 2189.2 miles.   

Even when those miles are in Pennsylvania.  

Where there are rocks.  Insidiously encroaching increasing amounts of rock.  Big boulders and little bastards to sore the ankles and stub the toes.  Then there’s PA in the rain!  How bout on a ridge line in a thunderstorm on a boulder field?  Make that three thunderstorms. In one day.  While attempting to scramble over a Paleozoic mashup of stone called “The Knife’s Edge.”   And then… Just when the map seems to flatten out again, the trail becomes a river of pointy rocks that slowed our pace to about half.  

Pennsylvania:  the state we’ve seen the least of.  We’ve been too busy staring at the ground.

And that brings us back to here: just a mile shy of the promised land of New Jersey…where the trail is paved with delis and diners. And probably more rocks.  But they’ll be forgivable Jersey rocks.  

Unbelievably, we plan to be in CT in 2 weeks.  Going through western MA the 3rd-ish week of July, and then into VT before August.  So get out your hiking shoes and come meet us!  Drop us a text/call/email and we’ll coordinate. 

Last but not least:    Shout outs this section go to my Uncle Tom, who gave us a critical half-way break in Harpers Ferry.   Montrail, for replacing M&M’s shoes gratis.  The best care package ever from my nursing school buddy/fellow adventurer Brenda.  And Bruce and Susan:  previously strangers though kindred spirits who took our soggy, storm-rattled selves into their home for a night.   Thank you. 

Our first night in MD

War Correspondents monument from the Civil War

one of many Civil War battle fields we had the honor of walking through

The Washington monument. It had been hit by lightning the day before, so we couldn’t go up in it

the view from in front of the Washington Monument

Crossing the Mason Dixon line MD/PA border… goodbye southern hospitality and sweet tea, hello rocks

Waynesboro, PA’s AT festival

sun beams after the rain

When Mya’s thirsty she drinks

Now that we’re up north, we’re getting fewer views without houses or roads in them. This was a nice change of pace.

“The Green Tunnel”


at least someone is loving all these rocks


“Whats it smell like?”

PA has some cool AT signs

the offical half way point 1094.6

the un offical halfway point sign

How Myron Avery (plotter of the At) measured the trail

Myron Avery in a shelter circa 1930

The orginal Katadin sign

The first AT map

Earl Shaffer’s (first thru hiker) shelter

if it wasn’t for the white blazes we’d have no idea where to go


tight sqeeze

beautiful sunset of the home of two beautiful souls

said beautiful souls (Bruce and Susan) who shared their home with us for the night

Mya loves beds!

the calm before the storm

Miles of farm land makes for some lovely hiking

some 1/2 mile detours off the trail are TOTALLY worth it!

Fields and farm land

the view of the lovely struggling trail town of Duncannon

grave yard from old coal mining settlement

One minute PA’s like an enjoyable walk on a golf course. But then it turns to ROCKS!

cool PA trail art

and more rocks



making our offering to the rock gods

Mya thought Knifes Edge was fun


view from Knife’s Edge


the …you guessed it…. rock scramble up from Lehigh Gap


Happy 4th of July!!

P.S. Mike is hard at work making our website better and better. Now you can click on our images and view them in a larger more detailed format. Hope you enjoy!

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  1. Regina (gene)

    You guys are awesome! Love your website and glad I had the pleasure of meeting all three off you.May your journey be safe and full of many blessings.

  2. It was so great to meet you guys today at the Deer Head Inn. Ain’t live music the best!?! I love Mya❤️ What a sweet pup.

    Wishing you guys the best left foot right foot and hoping for many more comments!!!

  3. We loved seeing you here in Maryland…take care and thanks fo keeping us up to date with all of the lovely photos. I sang your praises at the Tracy Andy picnic for thhe Collis! so proud of your amazing journey!!!!Lots of love, deb and Tom

  4. Hi Sue, Mike and Mya,
    Yea, 1/2 way there! Love the pics and info. Tom and Deb filled me in about their visit with you. They loved it! Keep enjoying your journey and stay happy and safe. Hope to see you in CT. Love you, Aunt Judy p.s – next drop off?

  5. Grandpa Potato

    Not quite sure why it’s so important to me, maybe because I always wished I had the grit to try the AT, but your posts are eagerly awaited by me, and they beautifully inform me about Cold Potato’s experience! Once again, well documented by word and by such well selected photos. Thank you and good travel.

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