Hot Springs, NC to Erwin, TN: 274.4-342.9

It’s been almost a week since we left Hot Springs, NC.  A bunch of hikers are still there, wooed by the fun to be had in Town.  

Some have picked up jobs, some are camped by the river, some have left the trail…we persist.  We’ve just passed the 300 mile mark.  That’s an average of ten miles per day for our first month:   which is just fine for the first month, but as our strength and day length increase, our mileage will have to as well.   The trail is a little quieter during the days. Then hikers amass at the shelters and campsites as the day dwindles.   Weather continues to fluctuate: we’ve had glorious 70 degree days, sub-freezing nights, howling winds and misty rains…all of it just wonderful.  There’s nothing we’d rather be doing… Onwards!!   



It was sunny…


300 down!


Trail family at 300 miles!


Morning Head dunking waterfalls after mountaineer breakfast sandwiches. 


Trees are cool


Afternoon ramp foraging…mmmm




 Misty mornings



 The nolichucky river into Erwin.. 

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  1. Jane de Groot and Dan Dray

    Hi Sue and mike! We love your posts and photos are wonderful! Take good care! Happy trails!

  2. Hi Guys the photos look great, glad to see you had some nice weather I hope it stays with you.

  3. love the kissy photo. Sending loveā€¦.

  4. so exciting to see the photos of your amazing adventure.. enjoy every breathtaking moment.. I look forward to seeing the next leg of your journey….. much love to you

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