NJ, NY, CT and MA: 1293.4-1596.7


Woah:  its been a long time.  Contrary to popular belief, we *are* still alive and hiking! At the end of our last post; we were about to leave rocky Pennsylvania (July 5th!) focused on Getting Home.  

Post-PA was New Jersey, and we had bears in camp 3 out of 4 nights.  One comrade had his food bag batted out of a tree like a Slim Jim and Snickers stuffed piñata.  Bears aren’t hunted in NJ, so they aren’t easily scared by humans.  This resulted in some close encounters; see the video below.

Then came New York.  Rocky outcroppings.  Beautiful Harriman State Park.  Endless PUDs (pointless ups and downs).  Wild blueberries.  The hum of humanity (Palisades Parkway, I-84) bigger and closer than they’ve ever been. 

Next:  our home state of Connecticut!! We went to Laces’ home in Ridgefield and ate some amazing home cooking a la Papa Laces.  Thus fortified, we ventured forth a few more days to Clover’s family’s beach house for a picnic and swim.  M&M’s folks came to say goodbye before moving to North Carolina.   Nieces and laughter and love and it was hard to say goodbye and venture forth.

Massachusetts brought more mosquitoes, bigger hills, and some great views.  How amazing it feels to have walked some 1500 miles back to our native forests and the landscapes we call home.  

We have been so blessed and cared for this leg of the journey.  Papa Laces. Both sets of parents.  Casey Palmer, for generously “buying Mya a bone.”  To “DaVinci”, who brought the whole exhausted, bug bitten, sun-drained lot of us home in Great Barrington for showers and dinner and air-conditioned sleep.  Mama Karen, who hiked with us into the Williamstown, MA forest for a fresh farm-picked veggie picnic on a tent platform.  And M&M’s friend Bryan, for cold beers after a hot day. 

Entering Vermont means there are only three states left of the 14 the AT passes through.  It means the tough terrain will be returning. It means familiar mountains and the feeling of being home again. And wanting to savor each muddy, mossy, rocky, rooty, rainy, craggy, majestic moment.

Thanks for sharing it with us.

Bye, PA! Crossing Delaware water gap into New Jersey


The rocks were prettier in New Jersey at Sunfish Pond

sometimes you have to make your own mileage milestone marker. thanks Clover

Jersey boardwalk

Jersey boardwalk part two.



not all white blazes look the same


Jersey down; six more states to go!

jumping outta Jersey

our current crew: laces, iron Lady, Old Eagle Scout, McFly, clover and I, Click, Blade the German

The AT symbol comes in all shapes and sizes

The “lemon squeezer” in Harriman State Park, New York


A beautiful old stone shelter


The view of Bear Mountain and the Hudson river

Visiting Laces’ house! (with Click and Blade) Thank you so much for all the food and relaxation Papa Laces


Pausing on the Bear Mtn Bridge (with laces, click, blade and forever) over the Hudson.


an old friend walks a mile into the woods with a leaky bag of ice cold beer… priceless!! Thanks Bryan!

his and her (Georgia and Maine) Adirondack chairs


trying to hitch a ride at the MTA Appalachian Trail stop.


Home sweet home, the gateway to New England


Re-creating the same photo four years later…


North is the only way to go…onward!


Taking time off trail to spend it with our faimilies and eat, swim and relax


By mom, love you!


1500 down!


hanging out with Emily on her back porch after she so kindly invited us to spend the night… you rock DaVinci!


i havent cooked in a real kitchen in a long time … it was great!!


Kayaking on Upper Goose Pond


view of Mount Greylock and Cheshire, MA


enjoying the view on Mount Greylock


thanks for all the veggies Karen!


and into VT we go!!!


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  1. Finally, I thought you guys got lost! Beautiful pictures! Clover, thanks for taking care of my girl after the bee stings. Always handy to have a nurse along in the wilderness! Any pictures?
    See you in Maine, Mama Laces

  2. SOOOOO good to finally hear from you…What a remarkable journey. We are so proud of the three of you! looks like you have added some more hikers to the mix. Wishing you good weather for the rocky trails ahead. peace and LOVE! Deb and Tom. P.S. your pictures are fabulous!

  3. Jane de Groot and Dan Dray

    You guys should just spend your lives hiking and blogging you do such a good job! Love the bear video. Could you get a little closer next time though? Only 600+ miles left. Amazing! Stay cool. Drink lots of water. Looking forward to next post.

  4. been wondering where you are! some familiar scenes in the pics- section hiking w/ friend Jeff in March and April (just w/e’s) and I remember the long boardwalk through the NJ marsh; putting your through-hike in perspective: I was on a Spanish camino in June w/ daughter and son, 250 km/10 d, and that was my most distance and days ever, so w/ you in vicarious-ness (you do know that the AT doesn’t go all the way up the Long Trail, right?)

  5. Hey there 8 paws, how fun to read about your journey! I especially like the recreated photo of mya on the rock (sorry, our m on the keyboard doesn’t work, so only lower case available…). And the bear video cracked me up. Nice singing job, y’all! 🙂

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