Winter stroll to Waumbek

After an exciting thanksgiving weekend with Su’s Family, we opted to take a nice, peaceful, relaxing little stroll up Mt. Starr King and over to Mt. Waumbek for Mike & Mya’s NH 4000 footer # 46 and Su’s #21!

It was also another milestone for Su as it was here first winter 4000 footer. She adorned her fancy new microspikes (“thanks Mike”) and snow pants (“thanks Momma Riz”) and lead the way up Starr king as if she’d been climbing 4000 footers in snow her whole life. At times even leaving Mya in the dust, which is now small feet. Once the initial excitement of being on the trail, in the snow, where off we had a lovely little afternoon stroll to the summits of #46 and #21.

It’s was a lovely day of hiking, chilly and cloudy at times with limited views, but that didn’t keep us from getting the most out of this rather easy 4000 footer. The occasion snowball whipping by as we descended was surly adding to the fun. Who knew Mya knew how to make snowballs, what an amazing dog she is, full of surprises.

And as if this day wasn’t already wonderful we decided to end it at one of our “regular” dinning establishments, the Gypsy Cafe in Lincoln. Yummy kale salads and spicy falafel made for a nice finish to our day.

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